5-year-old Texas boy dies in hot car as mom prepared for sibling’s birthday party

5-year-old boy dies in hot car

A young boy tragically died after being stuck in a hot car for hours with temperatures over 100 degrees, report says.

A 5-year-old boy dies in Texas on Monday after being left in a sweltering hot car as his family prepared for his sibling’s birthday party, authorities said.

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez the child, who was not identified, was buckled into his seat for two to three hours where he was pronounced dead on the scene.

Before the accident, the 5-year-old child and his 8-year-old sibling went shopping with their mother to prepare for the party. When they returned home, the mother and daughter exited the vehicle and went inside the home, while the young boy remained buckled into his seat belt for hours before the family realized he was not inside.

5-year-old boy dies in hot car
5-Year-Old Boy Dies After Mom Accidentally Left in Him in Hot Car for At Least 2 Hours While Preparing Party; [Credit: KPRC 2 Click2Houston/YouTube]

According to family, the 5-year-old typically knows how to undo the seatbelt of their family vehicle, but they were in a loaner car, Gonzalez said.

After two or three hours, Gonzalez says, the boy’s mother realized he was missing and ran out to the vehicle where he was found still strapped into his safety seat.

According to the weather channel, Texas faced some of the hottest temperatures this year on Monday, with record highs over 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

A representative with the Sheriff’s office says the investigation is ongoing and investigators will meet with prosecutors to present results.



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