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There's been a recent development suggesting that blue swimsuits pose a dangerous risk to swimmers, especially for children. Here's what you need to know and why.

There’s been a recent development suggesting that blue swimsuits pose a dangerous risk to swimmers, especially for children. Here’s what you need to know and why.

Just take a look at the above picture. When you skim the photo, if there were no red restricted sign, it would be difficult to visibly see the blue swimsuit next to the water.

Consider your little swimmer. When they’re splashing away and having fun in the water, if there are no significant signs of struggles, visibility is tough – this is why we want to avoid wearing blue in water environments.


Nikki Scarnati, a certified ISR (infant swimming resource) instructor, shared the warning in a viral TikTok video uploaded this week.

In the video, Scarnati shows her daughter in a blue swimsuit that she brought for demonstration purposes only. She shares the dangers of how it is difficult to see her body while underneath the pool surface.

Scarnati urges parents to consider avoiding blue, green, and aqua colored swimwear as if could make the world of difference when spotting your swimmer in the water, especially while waters are not calm.

“This is why you do not put your children in blue bathing suits. Look at how difficult it is to see her under the water,” Scarnati said. “And this is in calm water. This is not with a whole bunch of other kids playing and splashing around and having a good time.”

She continued with her demonstration stating, “Even look in the sunlight, look at how difficult it is to see her with that bathing suit on – because it’s the same colour as our environment,” the TikToker continued. “So, do not buy blue bathing suits guys. Don’t buy blue bathing suits.”


What Should You Buy Instead?

Instead of buying aqua colored swimwear, your child would be more visible in the water with bright-colors, neon, or any other color swimwear that stands out against the water environment.

Pink Swimwear suitable for water activities

We’ve found that pinks, prints, neon’s and other bright color swimwear like the one pictured above is a more suitable choice for water activities, as suggested by Scarnati.

Scarnati also suggests that although the color of the bathing suit is important, small children should always have an adult next to them for their safety.

**Please share this information with other parents to help spread awareness.**

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