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Buybuy BABY Is Closing Its Doors: What You Should Know

Buybuy BABY, the well-known American baby product retail giant is closing its doors. Details on what's happening, store sales, restrictions and more inside.

Buybuy BABY, a well-known American baby product retail giant is closing its doors as a result of it’s parent company Bed, Bath, and Beyond filing for bankruptcy on Sunday.

What Will Happen To Buybuy BABY when Bed Bath and Beyond Closes?

Buybuy BABY will close 120 stores amid bankruptcy filing from its parent company Bed, Bath and Beyond.

This bankruptcy comes at a time when Bed, Bath, and Beyond reports it is $5.2 billion in debt and having assets of just $4.4 billion. Though an uptick in sales began to take place in March 2022 during its wedding and baby categories peak season, the sales were not enough to cover the debt and get the company out of rough water.


The company included in a statement in the bankruptcy filing that the rise of online shopping and the popularity of Walmart, Target, and Costco attracted more customers with lower prices and a wider selection of products and eventually lead to the chain’s demise.


What Consumers Should Know? (Liquidation Sales, Coupons, And Restrictions)

As of now, Buybuy baby plans to keep its website open, along with 360 Bed, Bath and Beyond stores as the company received a $240 million loan to help with its operations during the bankruptcy.

What this means is that while the bankruptcy is ongoing, stores will begin to close and the company has an opportunity to connect with a new buyer. If the company is successful with the sale, they can “pivot away from store closings,” according to the chapter 11 proceedings.

If a buyer isn’t secured for all or parts of its business then Bed, Bath and Beyond and Buybuy BABY will likely liquidate its entire inventory and go out of business.

What about the sales, coupons and gift cards (New Policies)?

Consumers are learning that with business bankruptcy and store closures, major sales tend to roll around–and they are correct and here’s important changes you should know:

On April 25, No more coupons will be accepted.

On April 26, stores will start liquidating stock and dwindling down on operations and store closures will begin. Items purchased on this date and ahead will be marked as final sale. It’s important to note that items purchase BEFORE this date can be returned until May 24th, 2023.

Customers can still redeem rewards points earned through the “Welcome Rewards” program through May 15, 2023, though the company will be discontinuing its rewards program and no longer awarding points.

Any and all Gift cards can and should be used through May 8th, 2023, otherwise any funds unused will be forfeited.

The company says current registries (baby, wedding, or other) will have data registered to new partner, though this information has yet to be disclosed.

Bed, Bath and Beyond Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on Sunday. [CNN Business]

More Information About Bed, Bath & Beyond And Buybuy BABY bankruptcy.

Bed Bath & Beyond acquired Buybuy BABY for $67 million in 2007. At the time, the chain operated eight stores in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia.

The superstore era, where other specialty retailers like Toys “R” Us, Circuit City and Sports Authority also had multiple decades leading in specialty categories until they eventually had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and close its stores.

These proceedings have undercut the “super stores” because online shopping is on the rise and other stores like TJ Maxx and Home Goods have consistently beat the prices of the major super stores.

With consumers taking more to places like Amazon, more specialty stores can fail if they don’t have a strategy in place to pivot to create better competitive pricing and experiences for shoppers.

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To learn more about Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Buybuy BABY closure, click here.

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