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Top 7 Gifts For Mom on Mother's Day
Mykel B Davis

Top Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Moms With Small Kids

Mother’s Day is a widely recognized and celebrated holiday all around the world. The day is approaching quickly and the pressure is on. Here’s a list of the top 7 gift ideas for mom on her big day.

Mykel B Davis

Dizzy Spells and Fainting At 7 Months Pregnant?

Dizziness and fainting spells can occur while pregnant at any point during the 40 weeks. They can be identified by several different factors: change in hormone levels, low blood sugar, and more. Here’s what you should look for and ways to prevent it.

Daycare is expensive - What are some alternatives?
Mykel B Davis

Daycare Is So Expensive: What Should I do?

Many families are coming to the realization that the standard American lifestyle is not befitting for the average working salary. Here are some tips, alternatives, and personal experiences to help you make an informed decision.