Dynamic Woman: Alexys Small Re-Launches Clothing Line For Toddlers

Alexys Small + Youtuber + Small Tots Clothing CEO + Mom of 2
Alexys Small + Youtuber + Small Tots Clothing CEO + Mom of 2
Alexys Small, CEO of Small Tots Clothing Co.

Alexys Small, Content Creator, Business Owner and mom of 2, relaunches her clothing line, Small Tots.

Small launched Small Tots in 2021 after having a difficult time finding cute and affordable clothing for her 4-year-old, Addison. Two-piece sets, age-appropriate styles and accessories have been a staple to the Small Tots brand.

in 2021, Small Tots launched serving girls ages newborn – 7 years old. Now, the brand is relaunching this Mother’s Day, May 8, 2022, with more gender neutral pieces.

Alexys Small + CEO Small Tots + Clothing brand owner + Mom of 2 + Youtuber + Black Mom in Business

Small says, “the best moment about my business so far is picking up and restarting it again. I took a long much needed break after a slow season, but I decided to restart and release new items this upcoming Mother’s Day, despite being a new mom of 2.”

We asked Small how has being a mother impacted her in business and she says, “Being a mom in business has inspired me to never give up and to keep going and show my children that it’s possible to be your own boss and successful.”

Inspired by her children, Small is setting out to do just that.

For our mom readers, we asked Small if she could hire help would it be with cooking, cleaning or yard work and she says, “definitely with cleaning. I know having kids, it’s okay for your house to look like kids live there, but I do love a good, clutter-free house. An added bonus is laundry being done and put away.”

Alexys Small + Small Tots CEO + Toddler Clothing Brand + Mom of 2

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