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Dynamic Woman: Angel Styles Breaks Barriers In The Beauty Industry

Meet Angel Styles, licensed cosmetologist and mom of two, who is breaking barriers in the beauty industry as new standards emerge.
Angel Styles + Licensed Cosmetologist + Hair Care + Beauty Professional
Angel Styles, Licensed Cosmetologist

Angel Styles, licensed cosmetologist and mom of two, breaks barriers in the beauty industry as new standards emerge.

While attending vocational school during her high school years, Styles was introduced to a school that she notes to have changed her life forever, Crockett Tech. Here, she learned more about her passion in the beauty industry, developed her skills and learned about entrepreneurship.

Since 1998, Styles has serviced the Metro Detroit and surrounding areas. She is known for her transformative hair-care techniques, and extension/weaving specialty, which later led to the launch of her hair extension line, Superb Strands.


When asked, what has been the most challenging part about the beauty industry, she said, “staying relevant. Technology is taking over and word-of-mouth was once the beacon of advertisement. It’s not my era, so posting to social media sites is where I need help.”

Styles has received over 15,000 reviews notating her professionalism, the ability to serve a wide age of clientele from “jazzy to hot girl’s”, and being emotionally available during appointments. She believes her consistency and rapport with clients has kept her business thriving despite the industry taking more to social media videos and marketing.

Motivated by her daughters, a licensed nail tech, 19, and certified lash tech, 15, Styles plans to expand her hair extension brand and begin hosting styling technique classes for aspiring cosmetologists and industry professionals alike.

For our mom readers, we asked Styles if she could hire someone to help, would it be with cleaning cooking, or yard work, she stated, “I would hire a chef! I never had time to actually learn and master cooking because I was a single mother and always on the go. When I’m hungry I’m ready to eat. I don’t want to prepare and wait

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Mykel B Davis


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