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Attorney Ticora Davis Merited The 11th Fastest Growing Law Firm In The US

Ticora Davis, Attorney and mom of 2, is revolutionizing the work culture for women by creating a global model for work-life blend and team building.
Ticora Davis + Trademark Attorney + Black Woman + The Creators Law firm
Founding Attorney Ticora Davis, The Creators Law firm

Ticora Davis, Attorney and mom of 2, is revolutionizing the work culture for women by creating a global model for work-life blend and team building.

Attorney Davis is founder of the Creator’s Law firm, where it’s woman-owned and woman-powered staff merited the distinction of being the 11th fastest growing law firm in the United States from Law Firm 500 and has served thousands of clients successfully.

Attorney Davis pinned a quote from Abraham Lincoln, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” And she is determined to do just that. With a pen and legal pad in hand, Attorney Davis dreamt of being the most sought after trademark and business lawyer. She imagined serving who she calls the “top entrepreneurial titans and most daring business underdogs.”


Attorney Davis says, “One of the things I’ve learned is that dreams need to be protected and not just shielded from the naysayers and doubters, but covered enough so that you have the freedom and protection to design your destiny without fear.”

We asked Attorney Davis what gaps have she noticed in the industry that she helps to fill, and she said, the reason she does her work today is because every dream deserves a chance to be born. “It’s hard to think creating with freedom when you have a legal target on your business’s back.”

Staff + The Creator's Law Firm + Ticora Davis
Staff, The Creator’s Law Firm

Attorney Davis received Beyonce’s Beygood Grant in 2020. She believes that being both flexible and rigid along this entrepreneurial journey with both employees and clients, have awarded her with being the 11th fastest growing Law firm in the US in 2021.

The hunger and fire for success intensified once her children were born. Attorney Davis says, their presence has elevated her empathy and tenacity and creativity. She added, “Becoming a mother empowered me to remember that above all, I will and will always be Ticora. I matter and cannot lose myself in work or motherhood, but must endeavor to balance work with play and dedication with rest.”

For our mom readers, We asked Attorney Davis if given the option to hire help with cooking, cleaning or yardwork, which would it be, and she says she receives support from “amazing professionals like chef’s, meal prep companies, baby sitters, professional house cleaners, landscapers, beauty professionals and consultants. It’s important for me to lean into my zone of genius and trust others with theirs.” She notes that hiring help is a form of self-care to her.

Attorney Davis says her new clients can expect to see a new website in May 2022, and heightened customer experience with custom welcome boxes.

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