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Dynamic Woman: Dajah Spence Creates Formula To Assist With Chronic Acne

Dajah Spence, CEO, Herbalist and new mom of 1, has created a skincare formula to assist with chronic acne.
Dajah Spence + Life Of Cosmetics Owner + Herbalist + Skin Care Formulator
Dajah Spence, CEO of Life Of Cosmetics

Dajah Spence, CEO, Herbalist and new mom of 1, has created a skincare formula to assist with chronic acne.

Spence has a history of suffering from chronic acne and rosacea. According to Spence, most women share a pattern of skin care concerns as it is directly related to their reproductive health. Inspired by her own journey, Spence aimed to create a solution to heal acne through a tested formula.

In 2020, Spence developed a formula under her Life of Cosmetics brand, and has begun educating women on skincare, health, and reproductive health.

“Most of my clients have experienced fibroids and endometriosis.” Spence said. “It was important for me to address the root of the problem as opposed to addressing the symptoms.

Spence believes that as women increase their knowledge on reproductive health and focus on cleansing their uterus, their skincare and overall skin health will improve. Importing natural herbs and creams from Jamaica has been the beacon of Spence’s Life of Cosmetics brand.

We asked Spence how has being a mother impacted her her in business and she says, “Being a mother truly woke me up to my purpose. Having an unassisted home birth with very few options for black midwives and doulas in the Las Vegas area led me here.”

For our mom readers, we asked Spence If she could hire someone to help with cooking, cleaning or yardwork, which would it be, she said would rather have someone assisting with caring for her 7-month-old daughter while she focuses on formulating more skincare remedies and herbal teas.

On Mother’s Day, Spence is opening her Vaginal steam shop in Las Vegas, 5 minutes away from the strip. Products such as skincare creams, herbal teas, sea moss, refreshments, and postpartum consultations will be available at her first-of-many locations.

Dajah Spence, Herbalist

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