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Dynamic Woman: JC Anderson Launches Fitness Brand For Women

JC Anderson, Fitness Coach, wife and mom of 2, launches fitness brand Fit Fab Flawless. She shares her experience of running a business, working full-time and managing her household.
Coach JC Anderson + Fitness Professional + Black Woman In Fitness + Standing with Medicine Ball
Coach JC Anderson, CEO of Fit Fab Flawless, LLC.

JC Anderson, Fitness Coach, wife and mom of 2, launches fitness brand Fit Fab Flawless.

At the start of the pandemic, Anderson saw a vast need for stress-relief and a way to keep women uplifted and active. She began hosting online workouts and aimed to keep costs low, and convenience high.

For two years, Anderson has implemented new programs to help women prioritize fitness into their everyday lives and build a sustainable workout routine.


When asked, what is the most challenging part about what you do, Anderson replied, “Scheduling.” Anderson shared that she still works a full-time job, and hosts family schedules alike. She added, “Scheduling clients gets more challenging the bigger my company grows.”

After hosting her first in-person boot camp class and received rave reviews, Anderson believes her next venture will lead to more outdoor classes, coming this summer.

Motivated by her children, Anderson hopes for them to see and know, that despite the challenges she’s faced, she followed her dreams and achieved her goals. Anderson says, “I want to show them that any goal is possible and within reach as long as you work for it.”

For our mom readers, we asked Anderson If she could hire help, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work, she answered, “Cooking. I am cognizant of what I eat, but because I wear so many hats, I often want to skip cooking.”

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