Dynamic Woman: Lisa Hillary Johnson Creates Healing Program For Anxiety And Depression

Lisa Hillary J + Yoga +Meditation +Healer + Detroit Mi
Lisa Hillary J + Yoga +Meditation +Healer + Detroit Mi
Lisa Hillary J, Yoga Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist

Lisa Hillary Johnson, Licensed Massage Therapist and mom of 5, creates a healing program to combat anxiety and depression.

Johnson has served in the health and wellness industry for over 24 years, as a Healer, Yoga Specialist and Licensed Massage Therapist.

Inspired by her own battles with anxiety and depression, Johnson has created natural healing remedies and now shares them with people all-around-the-world. “I work at healing my family’s health and wellness everyday. Working to break generational curses to repair and mend my family’s bloodline,” Johnson says.

“I’m a healer. Prayer, massage therapy, sound therapy, chakra balancing, cranial sacral therapy, crystal healing and plant healing are all modalities used in the healing process that I use for my family and my clients.” Johnson says. Before her youngest son goes to school each day, Johnson practices massaging with essential oils to help with lower the risk of illnesses, like covid-19.

We asked Johnson what gaps have she noticed in the industry that her business helps to fill, and she shared that there are a lack of resources in the community for affordable healing techniques and massage therapy. This lack is what inspired her widen her program and position her classes in areas with the most need.

Johnson named her 5 children, ages 11-18, as the motivation behind expanding her business and creating healing products for her family and clients alike.

Johnson currently teaches at Irene’s School of Myomassology in Southfield, MI and is looking forward to bringing additional courses to the Metro Detroit area.

For our mom readers, We asked Johnson if she could hire help with cooking, cleaning, or yardwork, which would it be, and she answered, “Yes, yes, and YES! All of it. Doing laundry for a family of 7, 5 of whom play sports daily, it’s seems impossible to finish some days.”

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