Dynamic Woman: Tané Goode Creates Fitness Apparel Line For Women

Tane Goode + FitMiss Dance Studio + Owner + Dance instructor + Detroit, MI
Tane Goode + FitMiss Dance Studio + Owner + Dance instructor + Detroit, MI
Tané Goode, CEO of FitMiss Hip-Hop

Tané Goode, CEO of FitMiss Hip-Hop and mom, created size-inclusive fitness apparel line for women.

Goode is known for her upbeat hip-hop dance classes, and generosity around the Metro Detroit area. Teaching a variety of classes including hip-hop, yoga, gymnastics, and ballet, FitMiss Dance Studios is now home to women and girls ages 3 to eighteen.

When Goode was 2, her parents enrolled her into a number of dance classes, which has inspired her fitness journey present day. She aimed to create classes for women who also shared uninterest with the traditional gym-setting and boot camp styled classes.

Tané Goode, CEO of FitMiss Hip-Hop

“My classes are designed for all skill levels and even those who have physical health challenges.” Goode says. She added that she currently coaches women who have had knee replacement surgery, troubled knees, back complications, and even some who have been diagnosed as overweight.

Goode says her classes have helped women build their confidence and feel comfortable with working out in a group setting again. “When I created my classes, I was determined to use a format that would allow women to feel comfortable and open-up when taking my class.”

We asked Goode what was the most challenging part about her entrepreneurial journey and she says it was when class participation was extremely low. “The entire first year was a rollercoaster ride.” Celebrating her 5th year in business, Goode has launched new arrivals to Fitmiss Sport, her size-inclusive activewear line.

Inspired by her son who motivated Goode to become self-employed full-time, she was able to trade in working overtime to spend more time with her son and family. This allowed Goode to tap into her creative zone of genius and develop a new line of apparel for the FitMiss brand.

For our mom readers, we asked Goode if she could hire help with cooking, cleaning, and yard work, which would it be, and she said “definitely cooking and cleaning. This would allow more time for me to spend with my family when I’m not working.”

Goode, experiencing a historic invitation to teach a class at the Fox 2 Theatre in Downtown Detroit, is expecting a summer full of FREE outdoor classes every Monday at 11am to noon local time, and every other Saturday 10am to 11am at the Spirit Plaza.

Tané Goode, CEO of FitMiss Hip-Hop

To contact Tané Goode, visit her website: www.TheFitmissdancestudio.com



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