Emergency Shipments of Baby Formula Starting To Arrive In The US

Baby Formula Shelf + Target + North Houston + Formula Restock

A US national emergency began just a few weeks ago when a baby formula shortage swept the nation.

Shipments of baby formula are being restocked at local grocery stores across the US [Mykel B Davis/Muscle Up Mommy]

A second emergency shipment has arrived in the US from Germany, following a nationwide infant formula shortage.

More than 100,000 pounds, equal to 1-million 8-ounce bottles have been received in Washington, D.C.

The first lady Jill Biden and U.S General Vivek Murthy greeted the plane, and said in a statement that fixing the baby formula shortage was the administration’s top priority.

“I’ve been heartbroken to hear the stories of parents searching for formula,” Jill Biden said. “As a mom and a nana, it’s impossible to hear the stories of children suffering and not imagine your own children in the same position. Food is the first and most important way we nurture our children.”

For weeks, the American people were concerned about receiving their child’s specific formula or alternatives amid medical health conditions such as food allergies and gastrointestinal issues.

Baby Formula Shelf at Target on i45 and Cypresswood in Houston, TX on May 25, 2022.

Many stores such as Kroger, Sam’s Club, Costco, and other major grocery retailers are beginning to distribute the new shipment of baby formula.

More shipments are expected to arrive as the White House has issued “Operation Fly Formula”, which is an effort to fly formula into the country to end the national shortage crisis.

Household purchase limits are still in effect and vary by location. See local retailer for details.



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