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Escaped Texas Inmate Gonzalo Lopez Fatally Shot After Allegedly Killing Family of 5

The manhunt for Gonzalo Lopez, escaped inmate, comes to a fatal end moments after a family of five were found dead at a home in Leon County.

Manhunt for Gonzalo Lopez, escaped inmate from Texas prison, comes to a fatal end after three-week long search.

Gonzalo Lopez stole a white Chevrolet Silverado to aide in runaway. [Photo credit: Texas DPS]

The manhunt for Gonzalo Lopez comes to a fatal end moments after a family of five were found dead at a home in Leon County.

There was a 50,000 reward offered to find Texas capital murder inmate who escaped while being transported, but he has since been shot dead after a high-speed chase.


State officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety say they received a call from a concerned family stating that they had not heard from their elderly family member, which led to a devastating turn of events.

Authorities followed up on the lead from the call, went to the family member’s home and found one adult and four children murdered.

The crime scene is believed to be at the hands of Lopez, 46, who escaped in a stolen white Chevrolet Silverado with a Texas license plate reading: DPV4520.

Stolen vehicle, white Chevrolet Silverado [photo credit: Texas DPS]

During a press conference, Jason Clark with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) gave preliminary details on the case but was unable to give details.

The home is believed to be a weekend residence for the victim’s family, Clark said. He added that they are actually from the Houston area.

The attack on the family appears to be random as the owner to the vehicle has no known affiliation to Lopez.

Moments after the press conference, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office confirmed on Facebook Lopez was located in a vehicle fitting the description of the stolen Silverado.

A chase began, and tire spikes were used to disable the vehicle, causing it to crash into a tree. The driver, Lopez, was shot while rounds of gunfire were exchanged, where he was later pronounced dead from his injuries, TDCJ reported.

No state officials were injured during shootout.

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