Feeling Blue: Expectation Versus Reality


I caught myself feeling blue for the last couple of days, and before I picked myself up from the slump, I allowed myself to just sit and feel. I wanted to understand WHY I was feeling that way. I wanted to know how a new plan could adjust my mood.

I used to try to quickly sweep my feelings under the rug, but this left me drained, in a mood with everyone around me, and extremely short fused.

I realized I had been comparing my right now to previous experiences that went better. I was being hard on myself about not meeting my own deadlines that were way too aggressive to begin with, and unaligned with what God wanted for me. 

I mean I completely took on the weight of all the things that are essentially out of my control, and added them up one by one until the weight weighed me down. It’s always in these moments of darkness that I remember to Let Go, and Let God. The more I try to hold onto things that I can’t control, or resist the seasons of change, the heavier the load gets.

This time, I reminded myself that all I can do every single day is show up as my most authentic self, and do what I can to bring my goals to pass, and everything outside of that, will align as it should.

Once I fully accepted that, I woke up grateful and a lot less heavy.

I want that for you today too (and everyday after that).

Let go of the things that you can’t control. Everything will come together in due time…and when it does, you’ll see why God made you wait.

Remember, You’re doing well and IT’S HAPPENING.



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