Helpful Styling Tips For Growing Girls Hair

Helpful Tips To Growing Girls Hair

There are so many regimens for growing hair, but I wanted to share my secret sauce.

Screenshot of styling process from Muscle Up Mommy’s YouTube

Choosing quick and easy hairstyles for my girls have been top priority for me since adding more to my to-do list.

For a while, I was struggling to manage their hair and as a result their 3C and 4B hair types became extremely dry, brittle and stalled in growth.

I’ve tried many products to help with reviving their moisture and getting their hair back growing, but it seemed as though one brand would work for one hair type and not the other.

Kyndall and Blair's 4-day old hairstyle, length check
Kyndall and Blair’s 4-day old hairstyle, length check

As you could imagine, the struggle of finding the right products significantly weighed in on my growing frustration of hair maintenance.

My 3 Growth Hack Secrets

1. Find a Good Brand Shampoo and Conditioner and Stick With It.

I’ve tried many brands, but I strongly recommend Crème of Nature Argan Oil. This brand has been great for reviving moisture, adding shine, and defining my girl’s natural curl pattern.

Crème Of Nature Argan Oil Bundle

I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) testing products on each of my girl’s hair types and I’ve found Crème Of Nature Argan Oil to be the best fitting for all of us.

I can’t begin to express how much of a time saver, money saver and life hack this has been to have one brand of products that we can share between us that work equally as well on our different hair types.

This goes without saying the importance of having a good wash and conditioning regimen, but starting with the products is key.

“Hair Care Growth Secrets On Kyndall And Blair [Muscle Up Mommy/Youtube]

2. Choose a Low-Maintenance Hair Style.

I tend to choose a braiding style that will last at least a week. This gives me time to style, have little to no maintenance in between, which ultimately let’s the hair rest and not have daily tension/stress to the hair shaft.

I’m not beauty professional, but to me, when you have to manipulate ANYTHING more, over-time it becomes tired, aggravated, and performs less.

I apply this same method when considering hair styles. Once the style is complete, I leave it alone until it’s time to wash, condition and repeat.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Seek A Professional.

This may or may not come as a surprise but I’m a busy mama of twins, wife, full-time news editor and a host of other things.

My schedule doesn’t always allow for me to do research on hair care tips and styles, so I always turn to what I know, my mom.

After her 55 plus years on earth and having four girls of her own, she has been quite the hairstyling professional.

She helps me with styling, maintaining routine trims to get rid of split ends, and she let’s me know when it’s time to re-up on products.

If you don’t have a trusted family member to help with hair growth, contact a licensed haircare professional who specializes in natural hair. A lot of the time, stylists will provide a consultation free-to-low cost to help you get started with your journey.

Keep in mind that growth is not an overnight process and will happen over-time as you stay persistent with a regular schedule.

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