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Mom Warns Public of AI Voice Cloning Scam Used To Trick Her Family Into Paying Ransom

An Arizona mom warns the public about voice cloning technology that almost tricked her family into paying ransom for her daughter. Viral Video and details here.

An Arizona mom warns the public about the potential dangers of AI technologies and how her family was nearly tricked into paying ransom for her daughter.

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Scammers are getting smarter as the newest technology developments continue to become more enhanced.


The newest scam the FBI wants the public to be aware of, is how scammers are using AI to clone the voice of loved ones and using these computer generated systems to scam for ransom.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI, also known as artificial intelligence, is the simulation of human intelligence that is processed by computers and other machines.

Its technology can be used to generate computer images of people, clone voices with speech recognition features and native language processing.

The most expert systems are currently being used today to produce drones, self-driven vehicles, and turn human-like experiences into robotic simulations to be replicated.

Some well-known AI systems can be recognized as Apple’s Siri Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Tesla’s new self-driving features.


What Should The Public Know About AI?

The FBI has been made aware of the dangers of the ever-enhancing AI technologies and wants the public to be aware of ongoing scams.

Dan Mayo, assistant special agent in charge with the FBI Phoenix, told KTAR News 92.3 FM “voice cloning” has become a big concern and is becoming more prevalent every day.

Mayo shares that people with public-facing social media profiles are being mostly targeted given that they’re (criminals) are able to find out more “personal” information and use videos to create realistic situations that are then used to lure families into paying ransom.

In these ransom phone call situations, Mayo says “the criminals make it seem as though you have no time to check into anything and that you must pay on the spot.” He encourages that family members slow down, assess the situation, and minimize being taken advantage of.

Arizona Mom Warns Others About AI Ransom Call

Viral TikToker Payton Bock and her mother DeLynne shares details of the phone call incident that impacted their family, recalling it as “The Worst Day Of [Their Lives].”

In the call, the criminals used AI technology to replicate her daughters voice and to DeLynne, it sounded authentic.

On Tuesday, DeLynne spoke with Todd from Fox News and in the interview she said “My husband actually took the phone call, and I was outside. He came out with this man on speakerphone using all kinds of foul language, screaming and yelling, saying that my daughter had hit him in a vehicle accident situation.”

DeLynne says the scammer made her daughter appear to sound like she was crying saying “Mom, I messed up,” all while the perpetrator was in the background saying vulgar things and that he “had her tied up on the back of his truck.”

She says “It was just awful. It was awful and very believable.” To which, she called the police and they let her know that this was likely a scam situation. She said, “This wasn’t just some person pretending… As a mother, you know your daughter’s voice, and this was my daughter.”


After a few tries to her daughter’s cell phone who was away from her phone at work assisting a client, the Phoenix Police Department was able to get through to her. Payton Bock was then able to call her mom to let her know that she’s at work and is okay.

DeLynne shares that this scam took place before Payton built a social media presence.

What Can You Do In AI Ransom Situation to Avoid Being Scammed?

Experts are suggesting that families use safety precautions to avoid being scammed by AI Ransom callers.

Aside being careful about information you share online, experts suggest creating a SAFE WORD that only your family knows that can be used to verify the caller.

Safe words can be any self-identifying code word or made up phrase that the family can use quickly in situations to identify that the call is coming from the actual family member or if it’s a perpetrator.


Safe Word Tips for Parents and Children:

  • It should be short and simple. It should not be a sentence.
  • Should be used sparingly and not something that is used everyday.
  • Choose a word that’s easy to remember.
  • Avoid words like dogs, milk, or food items. –Although those words are used often and wouldn’t be obvious in a dangerous situation, you want to choose a word that would immediately draw your attention.
  • Choose something easily identifiable and memorable between you –relatives, friends or people outside the immediate household should not know the safe word.

Some Examples Of Safe Words:

  • A favorite multi-digit number.
  • A favorite place you and your family have visited.
  • A phrase you heard in a movie or other, such as “To Infinity and Beyond.”
  • Blue Rabbit
  • Small Trampoline.

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