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Sex After Child Birth: How Long To Wait & Other Important Info

Thinking of resuming sexual activity after child birth? You may want to consider these things first.

Why must 6 weeks take so long to get here? Seems like after the first two weeks of healing, your body’s natural hormones start to regulate again and the sex topic is presented. Well, here’s some important information on how long you should wait and why.

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How long should you wait to have sex after child birth?

Is this a safe space? Let’s call a spade a spade. Third trimester sex can be uncomfortable and begin to dwindle down for a number of different reasons: frequent urination, hormone changes, body dysmorphia thoughts start to creep in, feeling baby move around while in the moment, few comfortable positions, and the list could go on.


No matter what your reason is for the dip in sex during your third trimester, it seems like those feelings come rushing back two to three weeks after giving birth.

Though there’s no definitive set time, there’s a reason why doctors recommend waiting to have sex until four to six weeks following child birth (via vaginal delivery.)

During postpartum, your body is actively working to regulate hormones, shrink the uterus back into its natural size and positioning, contract the cervix back into it’s closed state, and regulate your libido after birth.

Returning to sex too soon before your body properly heals could result in complications: hemorrhaging, infection, vaginal sensitivity, and more.


What are the risks of having sex too soon?

Depending on the type of delivery you had, vaginal or by caesarean, your vaginal tissue can be thinner and more sensitive than before child birth.

Some common issues women face after child birth are:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Thin vaginal tissue
  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Discomfort
  • Fatigue
  • Low Libido
  • Loss of elasticity in vaginal muscles
  • Tearing or postpartum hemorrhaging

Whether you’re recovering from vaginal delivery or abdominal surgery (a caesarean), giving your body time to recover fully before diving back into the natural swing of sex can be very beneficial.

You don’t want to risk vaginal irritation, infection or tearing from childbirth stitches… this would make your recovery process even longer.

Consider this–You’re adjusting to new life, new schedules, sleep deprivation (lack of sleep), and new daily routines. Aside from vaginal risks, having sex too soon can also increase your chances for another pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant right after giving birth?

Yes. Your body is still very vulnerable and delicate during the first six to eight weeks after birth. In fact, you have a greater chance of getting pregnant when you resume sex too soon.

Breastfeeding can act as a natural form of birth control, however if you’re not planning to get pregnant, we recommend looking into alternative and more reliable methods of birth control, especially if your menstrual cycle hasn’t started back.

Most times, when you’re menstruating, you can track your ovulation period and decrease your chances of unwanted pregnancy, but if you’re breastfeeding, your cycle may not have started back yet.

All in all, there’s no scientific date on how soon is too soon to begin intimacy with your partner after child birth, but do you do want to consider healing properly to avoid complications from the birth.

Recommendations to help your body heal back into it’s pre-pregnancy form?

Healing from child birth can feel like a marathon but if you truly get mentally prepared to have AT LEAST 6 weeks of recovery, you’ll feel better about the length of time it’s taking.

Some excellent recommendations I have for post-pregnancy support and recovery are:

Muscle Up Mommy® Maternity Support Belt


I know this may seem a little weird but, the belly binder you receive in the hospital has no ribbing, no structure and overall is a 4/10 with supporting a belly with a shrinking uterus. It is more ideal to wear a support belt that can CARRY and “CORRECT” after childbirth. Muscle Up Mommy® Maternity Support Belt forms to your body and works wonders, especially after C-section. Highly recommend!


Postpartum is the most critical time for recovery. Once your uterus shrinks down to comfortably add more support to your core, I recommend Muscle Up Mommy® Postpartum Compression Belt. It helps to support your back and core muscles after childbirth and really helps against the laughing, coughing, and sneezing pains you feel while recovering. Highly recommend!

Waist Trainer Helps with reducing belly and back fat


After your recovery period, the snapback journey begins. Muscle Up Mommy® FupaEraser helps to support workouts and aids in reducing the appearance of belly and back fat. It has been crowned the #1 waist shaper for moms and women. Highly recommend!

Each of these items combined will help support your throughout your most delicate postpartum stage, belly binding to help support your abdominal muscles after child birth and then finally, when you begin waist training to help reduce any unwanted belly and back fat.

**Disclaimer- Our editors love providing moms with the best products to make their journey easier. We may earn commission or earnings when you choose to shop any of the links provided.

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Mykel B Davis


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