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Story Time! I Let Him Sleep In and I Did All The Work

There comes a time in every moms life when they have to pick quiet over having help, and last night was that night for me. Balance baby!

Now I know what you’re thinking… I did what?! It’s true. Last night, I noticed my husband was extremely tired and I had this extreme burst of energy, so instead of waking him up to complete what we would normally consider “his day” of tasks, I did it for him.

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Let’s back track a bit so that you understand something. I am NOT in my season of wearing my superwoman cape and doing it all. This is a very soft-girl, pregnant era for me and my husband and I have made great leaps and bounds as parents by assigning tasks to each of us.

Some days our rundown may look like me handle mornings with the girls (our 7-year-old twins) dropping them to and from school, and returning to get some work done, only to finish the day sprinkling in a few household chores and napping whenever I choose.


For my husband, his day is more like getting snack packs and lunch ready for the girls, then work, work, work, grocery shopping for the house, running errands, returning back to work until evening strikes and then he handles the bedtime routine.

This brings me back to feeling a burst of energy after a full 7-day run of our routine, and letting him completely catch up on some much needed sleep while I entertained, cooked, cleaned, bathed the kids, got them ready for bed, and I took an AMAZING night cap of eating uninterrupted, no noise what-so-ever; in our dimly lit kitchen and scarfing down a pint sized tub of ice cream TO MYSELF.

I showered, got completely relaxed, scrolled social media for an hour or so, and only then did I wake my husband from his 6-hour nap so he could get ready for bed.

Okay… so I’ll admit I had some guilty pleasure in there. If you’re a mama then you know once the kids are down for bed, hubby is normally in-line waiting for his turn to be pampered.



I fully basked in the ambiance of myself in our super tidy, quiet, home. Everyone was fed and out my way to enjoy some unexpected and unplanned me time.

And I love that for me.

Now I’m normally a fan of our everyday routines, but last night was right on time.

By the way, I think I’m going to be bringing you more story times like this one. Unfiltered. Digital diary style. From me and other moms who want to share their stories. Let me know your thoughts.

Mykel B Davis

Mykel B Davis


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