Story Time: The Tooth Fairy Messed Up! Parenting Expectation Versus Reality

Tooth missing + Story time + Parenting Expectation versus Reality + Muscle Up Mommy

Story time! For two weeks, my daughter has had a loose front tooth. It has been dangling and overlapping and she refused to have it pulled.

Tooth missing + Story time + Parenting Expectation versus Reality + Muscle Up Mommy
My Daughter Blair

Now, I was completely expecting the full-blown dramatics when I went to snag it out, but things did not go as planned. I went in for the lip lift. “Let me see.” She trusted that I was only going to examine, but I went in for the pull. She turned her face to the left so fast that I missed.

Crying Kids + Losing A Tooth + Muscle Up Mommy + Kyndall and Blair
Que Dramatics

Full blown water works. I mean she was crying bloody murder as if I took the last scoop of ice-cream on a hot summer day. I mean UPSET!

I let it go. I tried to take the gentle parent approach and apologize for trying to pull it and told her it will come out when it’s ready.

On night one, it bled. It didn’t come out, but the pressure from her pillow loosened it from the socket. On night two, it was show time. The tooth fell out and the crowd went wild.

I was awaken by both twins letting me know her tooth had come out. So we prepared while they went off to school.

You know, sandwich bag, label and prepping for the tooth fairy.

It was now time for dad, my husband, to do the only job there was to do… play tooth fairy.


He left the money and forget to take the damn tooth.

The girls woke up PUZZLED! I mean our house was in a complete uproar.

“I’m confused. The tooth fairy didn’t take my tooth. I’m really confused mom.”

Me looking at my husband with the stank face, trying to decide if I should cover for him or let him work his way out of it… I preserved the innocence of the fairy and told my daughter that it was dark and it probably dropped out of her bag on take off.

toothfairy +money + mommy duties

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You had ONE job. I felt that too. So you know what I did? I told her to put the tooth back under the pillow and maybe she’s be alerted and come back.

My daughter asked me to send an email. Like what?!

An hour before school was due to let out, I played heavy on the arts and crafts. Well, not too much.

Went and bought computer paper, glitter nail polish and attempted to draw a tooth and make a signature.

I had to leave more money for this thing to make sense. So this was the story of how mama came through in a clutch and will likely be playing the fairy from here on out.

tooth fairy + money + daughter

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