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Two Preschool Teachers Arrested After Child Cruelty Caught On Camera

Two Georgia preschool teachers have been arrested this week for child cruelty that was caught on the classroom's livestream.

A parent caught alleged child abuse on camera while monitoring two Roswell, Georgia Preschool teachers, police said.

Screenshot of Video Footage of Alleged Abuse From School Teacher [Provided by Roswell Police Department]

Two Georgia preschool teachers have been arrested this week for child cruelty that was caught on the classroom’s livestream, police say.

Zeina Alostwani, 40, and Soriana Briceno, former teachers at Parker-Chase Preschool in Roswell, were arrested and charged Monday with first-degree child cruelty, Roswell police said in a statement.


“That parent reported logging onto the camera system and seeing concerning physical contact between Alostwani and Briceno against several children in the classroom,” police said.

The video shows one teacher standing and pushing a child sitting on the floor, in a forward motion with her knee, kneeing them in the back. It also shows the teacher stepping on a child’s hand. The other teacher was kneeling down with her face directly in front of the student, talking and moving her hand near the child’s face and poking them with her finger.

A company that oversees the preschool, Endeavor Schools, released a statement saying both teachers had been suspended.

“We were shocked and disappointed to learn that… teachers in the Parker-Chase Pre-Primary B classroom used inappropriate disciplinary actions with children,” the statement said. “The teachers in question were immediately removed from the classroom and have been dismissed. We reported this matter to our licensing agency and Children’s Protective Services and are cooperating fully with the authorities, who have informed us that criminal charges are being pursued. While we are extremely grateful that the children are well, we take this matter seriously, and our investigation is ongoing. We expect our staff to adhere to the highest standards of care, and any failure to do so will not be tolerated.”

This investigation is still on-going.

Mykel B Davis

Mykel B Davis


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