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What If I Don’t Want A Baby Shower? (4 Top Gift Ideas For Mom)

Baby showers are designed to bring family and friends together for a joyous occasion, but what about alternatives? Learn more about other ways to celebrate + the best gift ideas for mom.

Baby showers are a great way to bring the family together, shower the parents/parents-to-be with gifts, and celebrate the new life that’s on the way. What happens when you don’t want a baby shower?

Should I have a baby shower? Pros, Cons, Alternatives?

Not everyone wants to entertain and indulge in weeks of planning, setting expectations, and getting an invite list together.

In theory, it sounds good to be showered with a bunch a gifts and to cut the cost of all the things that are required to raise a child, but the reality is, it’s a lot of work.


I’ve enjoyed combining fresh ideas you can do instead of having a baby shower.


Alternatives To Having A Baby Shower.

I was right there with you–Contemplating on having a baby shower because this isn’t my first rodeo. The first time around I wanted all the glitz and glam, cameras, huge attendee list and just the works. I was bringing twin girls into the world as a first time mom and wanted to celebrate in the biggest way possible.

This experience was 7 years ago. While I had the most amazing time with my family and friends, and even got engaged at my baby shower, I didn’t feel like I wanted to do another huge event this time around.

I don’t know if its jitters, feeling like I’m already too tired to entertain, or if I was just making excuses and waiting on someone to do the planning for me… either way, I know I want to celebrate this moment as well.

Some things I considered doing this time around instead of having a traditional baby shower:

1. Having a baby sprinkle.

I debated long and hard about having a smaller guest list, less decor, and opting for a home-sprinkle versus renting out a venue. This option is more ideal if you’re wanting to avoid paying for an event planner, maybe cook dinner instead of hiring a caterer, and overall keeping costs minimal and catering to a smaller crowd.

2. Create a baby registry and record gift unboxing to include family and friends.

Moms spend countless hours creating baby registries, and often times when you’re having a baby shower, guests bring things that are similar instead of shopping your actual list. Not having a shower would allow for you to share the registry link with friends and family and record a gift unboxing for all your viewers to share. This option is great to forego a social gathering all together. (Here’s my baby registry for ideas, or for use.)

3. Make dinner reservations for a few guests and ask attendees to bring diapers and/or gift cards.

Diapers and gift cards come in handy during any stage of parenting. Hosting a small dinner at a restaurant would allow for the wait staff to serve your guests while you relax and be served as well, and everyone would be responsible for the cost of their own meals. This option would eliminate catering fees, entertaining, and you’d still get some necessities for your new journey.

4. Request Monetary and Mailed Gifts Only.

It’s okay if you want to forego the traditional celebrations and social settings all together. No matter the reason, you will have people who may still want to celebrate you and support you monetarily. For anyone requesting a baby shower, let them know that you have decided to forego having a shower and open to receiving monetary gifts, mailed gifts, or gift cards in the mail. Having a registry would make it easy to shop and have items delivered without needing to share your address with others, and it would make it easier for others to know which items you’re still in need of.


Pros and Cons?

No matter if you decide to continue with the traditional route of having an elaborate baby shower, or if you decide to go with a sprinkle, virtual ceremony or other, there’s no wrong choice.

The best decision you can make is one that you’d feel happy with and cause you the least amount of pressure and stress.

4 Top Gift Ideas I Recommend For Mom

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