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Why Do I Have The Extreme Urge To Change My Hair?

Reason Why You Have A Sudden Urge To Change Your Hair.

You know that saying, “when you change your hair, you’re ready to change your life?” That’s literally me right now.

For the last 5 years, I have been natural. Absolutely no heat minus blow-drying on cool air setting and no straightening at all.

My hairstyles consisted of protective styles, braiding styles both long and feed-in, as well as natural curly buns at the top of my head.


At some point the desire to roller set, deep condition and bi-nightly detangling just grew old.

The styles that I was producing left me stagnant in my everyday looks and mostly just felt ‘blah’ when wanting to dress up but my hairstyle didn’t serve my outfit any justice.

Over a decade ago, I grew out of the creamy crack, better known as perms and texturizers and I really allowed my natural hair to grow and flourish in it’s natural state. Though the low maintenance styles of braids kept me satisfied while I visited the gym 5 days a week, once I turned 31 I desired extreme change.

Not only did I want a new look in hairstyles, but I decided to change career paths, build new relationships, end old ones, and just entirely shift into my 2.0 lifestyle.


Reasons You Tend To Desire Extreme Change To Our Hair

  1. You’re outgrowing old routines and habits. Think of all the things in your everyday life that has an expiration date e.g. food, licenses, seasons. When the expiration date comes, we purge and replace with things that are like new. Our hair is no different.
  2. You’re craving something new. As we grow, we tend to ditch the things that once made us comfortable and content and take a huge leap toward something new and refreshing. Much like when seasons change and your mood fluctuates between bright and sunny summer and dark and gloomy winters. Changing your hair is often a reflection of your mood and level of self-esteem.
  3. Your wants and desires have changed due to your personal/professional experiences. A change in career paths, memories of old people/times in your life that you’re ready to detach and disconnect from, even wanting renewed energy around you because you’re shifting your goals into something new are all reasons you may desire to change your hair. Out with the old, in with the new.
  4. It’s Just Time. You’ve been longing to make a change for quite a while and finally have the urge and confidence to go for it. You’ve dismissed the negative thoughts surrounding making a move and it’s time to take the leap of faith. Good for you!

In an earlier post, I shared the products I enjoy using for mine and my kids hair for natural, braided and sleek styles. This list hasn’t changed now that I’m straightening my hair, mostly because they’re still great for styling, moisturizing and providing sleek results with any style.

Mykel B Davis

Mykel B Davis


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